Going to the Mountains or Home is Where the Card Is

Last month my wife Monet and I packed up all of our belongings (with the help of some amazing friends who I am sad to have left) along with our two animals and moved home to Colorado Springs. Since returning, we both started jobs, have explored our old city with new eyes, reconnected with our families, started looking for a house to call our own, and have been preparing for a summer baby to be born. All of this has not left much free time to make things…yet, I have been almost dutiful about setting aside time to get some projects I have had in mind done.

Stationary and greeting cards have played a big role in Monet and I’s relationships with each other and friends. Love notes or expressions of gratitude accompanied by a sweet picture of a cat or letterpressed vegetables serve as a reminder that those we love are thinking about us even when we can’t be with them.


I knew that when we transitioned out of Austin it would take some time to get my workshop set up and tied in with an artistic community. In the mean time, I set out on a project that didn’t need much space to spread out. The result is the Foxy Kiss Card, the first in what I hope to be a series of greeting cards for all occasions. I hope that my cards will be shared with loved ones and that they hang on refrigerators and are tucked away in notebooks and tin boxes to be rediscovered long after first readings.

To celebrate the card’s availability I have marked down all of my Embroidery Hoop Pendant inventory up until Valentine’s Day. Take a look in the Stitch and Saw Shop and thanks for stopping by.

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