Post Renegade Wrap Up

Right after The Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market Austin over Thanksgiving weekend, my wife and I begun the painstaking process of moving our growing family from Austin back home to Colorado. We are now getting settled back home and I have a little bit more time to share with you about Renegade.

The build up to the fair for me involved a whole lot of hunkering down, border-line antisocial behavior that frankly, I am not quite used to. Luckily, the event itself required two days straight of interacting with complete strangers and new friends. This along with getting to share my pendants with a larger audience gave me a ton of energy.

I shared a booth with Rally Made and we were right next to Renegade veterans Son of a Sailor who definitely drew a ton of foot traffic to our booths.

I tried a couple different setups over the weekend and it was really fun to be able to switch gears partway through the event. Getting to actually see people’s reactions to the tiny cross stitched pieces was priceless and I can’t wait to set up a booth in Colorado this Spring (more on that when the time comes).



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